JCI European Conference Rally was born out of the JCI Nottingham team's passion for becoming a truly global chamber. Nottingham members work together into capturing the autonomy and drive of a great chamber while delivering true personal development opportunities for its members.

In 2018, the Rally will start in Nottingham, UK, crossing 5 countries and stopping in 7 cities before reaching our final destination, Riga, Latvia, to attend the JCI European Conference.
This year's rally is the first of this recurring project that JCI Nottingham brings you, with each year choosing another starting point and driving towards the European Conference spreading the JCI spirit on our way.



  • Nottingham, UK

    June, 13
  • London, UK

    June, 13
  • Brussels, Belgium

    June, 13
  • Eindhoven, Netherlands

    June, 14
  • Dortmond, Germany

    June, 14
  • Berlin, Germany

    June, 15
  • PoznaƄ, Poland

    June, 16
  • Warsaw, Poland

    June, 16
  • Kaunas, Lithuania

    June, 17
  • Riga, Latvia

    June, 18

Join the Rally Now!

In order to join the rally, you need to meet two conditions:
1. Be a JCI Member
2. Be registered for the JCI European Conference in Riga


One cannot be a true JCI member until they experience the international JCI spirit. With this in mind, the team is looking to familiarise JCI members across Europe with their counterparts from different cultures, and unite them under the same JCI slogan: be better. Personal development is a crucial part of being a part of the organization and it is also one of the aims of joining the rally. We believe that traveling together, being part of the same spiritual and physical journey will benefit all participants and at the same time will consolidate their collaboration on the European Conference in Riga.
We'll start the journey in Nottingham by car and will stop by in JCI cities along the way, where we will be joined by other members. In each city, we will add a few more members to our route.